Terms & Conditions

                                                                                           Terms & Condition of Rental Vehicle

        "Leasehold" means the Leaseholder's use of the vehicle specified in the "Lease" contract on the first page of the Lease Contract, based on "Goodway" LLC and the Vehicle Rental Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the Contract") signed between the "Leaseholder" and "Lessee" accepts that property and is responsible for paying the lease to "Leasehold" under the terms and conditions set forth in the contract.


1.1. The Rights of "Lessors":

1.1.1. The Leaseholder should provide the movable property indicated on the first page of this agreement to have a term and use it in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the traffic safety rules.

1.1.2. Apart from "Leaseholder", he reserves the right to use movable property;

1.1.3. "Leaseholder" may terminate the Lease Contract unilaterally and withdraw the Car immediately upon its discharge or inappropriate fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement.

1.1.4. Under the provisions of Article 1.1.3 of this Agreement, the Leaseholder's refund request may not be contacted with the phone numbers mentioned in the contract for the purpose of providing information on the claim, or if it is not known to the car owner with a spare car without warning from anywhere to any address.

1.1.5. The Leaseholder requires the payment of the lease term and the amount specified in the contract.

1.1.6. The right of use is prohibited by the Leaseholder.

1.2. Duties of "Lessor":

1.2.1. The car is fully utilized for the use of the vehicle and handed over to the "Lessor" in the condition that the safety standards are met.

1.2.2. It performs its obligations in a timely and proper manner and does not allow them to be violated.

1.2.3. Documents required for the management of a vehicle shall be handed over to the Leaseholder.

1.3. Rights of "Leaseholder":

1.3.1. It accepts the use of the car and uses it in accordance with the terms of the contract in accordance with the rules of operation and traffic rules of the vehicle provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


1.4. Duties of "Leaseholder":

1.4.1. Provides an ID card and an international driving license to the "Lessor" of the persons listed in the contract to manage the vehicle.

1.4.2. It pays rental fees in the manner and amount provided for in this agreement.

1.4.3. Provides fuel for the car during the term of the contract.

1.4.4. It uses the car in accordance with the terms of the contract and does not allow it to be deliberately useless.

1.4.5. Does not grant the right of use.

1.4.6. Does not lease the movable property used by the lessor without the consent of the lessor.

1.4.7. It performs its obligations in a timely and proper manner and does not allow them to be violated.

1.4.8. If there is no written agreement between the parties, the vehicle is managed only within the boundaries of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

1.4.9. Does not control the vehicle in a drunken state as a result of using alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances or other potentially harmful substances.

1.4.10. It is forbidden to use a leased object for marches, sports races, bootstrap, and animal hunting, carry animal, carry overloaded baggage, carry freight and passenger transport and take other vehicles in the back. Passenger transportation is unacceptable at the number specified in the registration document. In case of violation of these requirements, the Lessor shall pay a fine to the Lessor amounting to 1000 (min) manat.

1.4.11. In the lease it is not allowed to use of the lease object by a person üho is not mentioned in the contract. The "Lessor" is responsible for the illicit act committed during the lease of a person who is not mentioned in the Contract during the lease.

1.4.12. The "Lessor" informs of all damages arising out of the leased vehicle.


2.1. All settlements between the parties are based on the specified cash or non-cash payment method.

2.2. The payment for the lease contract must be made in advance. "Leaseholder" has the right to pre-pay the amount of lease payments accrued over an additional period if it wishes to expire the lease agreement.

2.3. When the lease contract is concluded, the tenant must pay the depositor the amount of the deposit. The amount of the deposit is paid additionally, and the vehicle is not damaged when the contract is terminated and the amount of the lease agreement is not refunded to the lessor in full. The amount of deposit is refunded within 1 month upon payment of cash by the plastic card within 120 hours upon payment.

2.4. If the Lease Contractor creates additional debt to the Lessor, the amount must be paid immediately. Otherwise, the "Leaseholder" will pay a fine of 0.1% of the loan amount for each day in favor of the Lessor.

2.5. The amount of the missing part of the fuel shall be paid by the Leaseholder to the "Lessor", calculated in accordance with the prices and taxes set by the Tariff Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan, when the amount of fuel in the tanker is less than the amount available when renting the vehicle.



3.1. All obligations arising out of the Transport Authority and third parties as a result of the movement or inaction of the "Lessor" during the lease shall be borne by "Lessor" in full.

3. 2. "Leaseholder" shall be liable for any breach of the rules of conduct in the lease period. If the "Lessee" has been liable by public authorities for a violation of the lease committed within the lease term, the Lender must provide the Lender with detailed and accurate information upon termination of the Lease Contract.

3.3. If "Leaseholder" informs the Lender about the breach of the rule immediately after the termination of the lease agreement with "Lessor", the Lessee must pay the penalty totally in 10 days from that date .

3.4. "Leaseholder" shall return the leased vehicle on the day and hour specified in the contract. If the Leaseholder rents the leased vehicle within 59 (fifty nine) minutes from the time specified in the Contract, he / she must pay for the next full day.

3.5. This event will be deemed as abduction of the vehicle unless the lessee keeps the vehicle in excess of the time specified in the Contract and does not notify the Lessee and does not agree with the Rentaler.

3.6 "Lessee" returns the leased vehicle at the address provided for in the contract. When it intends to deliver the vehicle at an unspecified address, it informs the "Lessor" about it and may transfer it at another address, with an additional charge of 20 to 50 manats, depending on the distance.

3.7. "Leaseholder" should return the vehicle in working hours determined by "Lessor". If the Leaseholder intends to return the vehicle in a non-timely manner, he will inform the "Lessor" of this and return it at non-working hours at the specified address, with additional payment by the parties.

3.8. Vehicle Tracking Equipment may be installed by the Leaseholder in order to control the traffic park and to ensure security, and the Leaseholder shall not object to the control of the address and the speed of the lease.

3.9. If a rental vehicle leased out of the lease becomes useless during the lease, it may be replaced by the Rentaler voluntary initiative and with the consent of the Leaseholder.



4.1. When the vehicle is returned, the deterioration of the detected situation compared to the condition to be handled must be eliminated by the "Leaseholder" in its entirety.

4.2. If the damage and additional deductions are less than the amount of the deposit, the term "Leaseholder" shall be deducted from the deposit amount at the termination of the contract, and return the unused balance to the Leaseholder. If the amount of damages and extra deductions exceeds the deposit amount, the "Leasehold" deposit shall be kept in full volume and the additional amount required by the Leaseholder.

4.3. In the event of a traffic accident, the "Leaseholder" should immediately notify the "Lessor" and the insurance company. During the event, "Leaseholder" must act in accordance with the requirements set by the insurance company. The "Lessor" undertakes the duty of obtaining the documents required by the Insurance Company from the state authorities to pay damages caused by the insured event. In case of refusal of the insurance company to pay, the damage shall be compensated by the "Lessor" in full.

4.4. When the damage is paid by the insurance company, the Leaseholder must pay the franchise amount fully.

4.5. If the car is leased out of the car insurance when the lease contract is terminated, the loss incurred on the vehicle will be fully paid by the "Leaseholder".

4.6. If the lease is damaged by the lease of the vehicle during the lease term, the lease payment will be fully paid by the Leaseholder for the duration of the vehicle being repaired. İf the lease term expires during the car repairs, the "Leaseholder" must pay an additional charge of up to 50% of the daily rent, based on the Leaseholder's opinion for each day prior to the date of repair.

4.7 If the vehicle is damaged during the lease term, repairs should be performed at a repair center identified by the "Lessor". The Leaseholder must agree with the requirements of the "Lessor" for the repair and spare parts of the "Lessor" at the initiative of the Lessor to carry out the spare parts and carry out the repair work at another address. If the repair work performed and the quality of installed spare parts do not comply with the requirements of the "Lender", the car is transferred to the repair center identified by the "Lender" and costs (repair, spare parts price and 50% ) shall be paid by the Lessor in full.


5.1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon its conclusion.

5.2. In case of force majeure, the parties are not liable to any financial or other liability for the non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract.

5.3. Changes to the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be permitted by the agreement of the parties. All amendments and additions to the Treaty shall come into legal force upon their signature by the parties and shall be included in the contract as an integral part of the contract. Unilateral amendments and additions have no legal effect.



6.1. Disputes between the parties relating to the execution of this agreement shall be settled by mutual agreement. The place of execution of this contract is considered to be the legal address of "Lessor" (Baku city, Nasimi district, Tbilisi pr. 1058) and if the parties can not resolve all disputes arising out of the Contract, disputes are resolved in the Nasimi District Court of Baku.

6.2. Relations regulated by this agreement will be governed by the Civil Code and other normative-legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

1. "Leaseholder" shall not be liable for any changes that have occurred on the wearer during the use of the vehicle in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Lease Contract.

2. The amount charged for the elimination of damage caused by the "Leaseholder" shall be reimbursed based on the document submitted by "Lessor".

3. "Leaseholder" shall not be entitled to demand that the value of these improvements be paid to him after the termination of the lease contract, unless the Leaseholder has been able to improve the lease object without the written permission of the "Lessor" and indemnify it without damaging the lease object.

4. When returning the vehicle, the car must be in the same condition as the lease. Otherwise, car cleaning costs must be paid by the "Lessor". If the car's lounge is in excessive contamination and it is not cleaned by regular car wash costs, the "Leaseholder" should be paid.

5. "Leaseholder" shall supervise the availability of all the liquid levels of the vehicle (oil, water, etc.) and, if necessary, inform the "Lessor" of this. Any damage resulting from non-compliance shall be borne by the "Lessor".

6. "Leaseholder" shall return the vehicle with the items and documents handed over to the lease when returning the vehicle. "Leasehold" has the right to demand from the "Lessor" the penalty amount of 400 AZN for each document, unless the current market value of the items belonging to the lease object or the documents (including the state registration mark) are not refunded. In case of failure of the car, a penalty of 500 manats must be paid.

VII. Privacy Policy

1. "Lessor" does not have a right to store any payment information which belongs to "Leaseholder".