Historical and Beautiful Sheki

22 September 2019

09:00 Starting tour from Baku to Sheki 

13:00 - Arrival in Sheki 

14:00 - Lunch in Sheki 

15:00 -  Historical and architectural sights of the ancient city of Sheki

-The peculiar architecture of ancient houses and streets

16:00 - The palace of the Sheki Khans Khan Saray

- House Mushtaga

- Museum of Folk and Applied Art in

- The Albanian Temple - Historical Museum 

- Winter residence of the Syakinsk khans of the 18th century

- AshagyKaravansaray and YukharyKaravansaray   

- Fortress "Gelesen-Geresen"

18:00 - VIII-IX century Mosques and minarets of the city of Sheki -

- The Juma mosque of the 19th century and madrasah in the center of the city - Ancient Khan mosque, 

 - Sekkizgushali minarets -

- Minaret of the mosque Gilekhli, Gulekhli, 

- Shebeka, in the protected and fortified part of the city "Sheki Galasy"

- Albanian Christian temple "Mother of Eastern Churches" in the village of Kish near the northern outskirts of the town of Sheki 

20:00 - Dinner time

21:00 - Deaprture to Baku